Seminar – How to grow in godliness

On Mondays, we like to draw your attention to certain aspects of the Scottish Women’s Convention. For the next few weeks, we’ll be telling you a bit more about the range of Seminars that are on offer.IMG_1307

Agnes Brough, from Glasgow, will be leading a seminar on ‘How to grow in godliness’.

What is the seminar about?
Does what it says on the tin – about what steps we can and should take to pursue holiness.

Who is the seminar for?

Why is this area important?
I think as Christians we are very confident that we have been saved from the penalty of sin and that one day, wonderfully, we will be saved from the presence of sin in the new creation. But we are often less confident that we are now being saved from the power of sin – and if we are, how we go about fighting sin and pursuing godliness.

Besides your seminar, what one thing about the Scottish Women’s Convention are you looking forward to and why?
I’m very excited to be taught from Romans 8 – to hear from God about Real Life as a Christian woman in a groaning world waiting for glory.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve really loved catching up with Christian women from around Scotland over the last couple of years – including someone who babysat me over 40 years ago and young women I knew as little girls. It’s a little foretaste of the new creation.

Tickets can be purchased from Eventbrite here –Tickets

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