Thursday Spotlight

On Thursdays we want to give you an insight into the lives of some of the women involved in the Scottish Women’s Convention.  Some of these women are involved in full time ministry in the local Church, while others balance serving in the church with a secular job.

We sent various people a questionnaire asking them to give us a taste of what they do, the challenges they face and what they are looking forward to about the Scottish Women’s Convention.

clare mugshotMeet Clare, our speaker…Clare is a wife, mother, speaker and author from Morden, South London.

What area of ministry do you work in?

Pretty much everything – I’m the minister’s wife.

How did you come to work in this particular area of ministry?

I married a minister – in fact I married an airline pilot, who then became minister!

Give one great challenge and one great joy of working in gospel ministry?

Seeing the most unlikely people turn to Christ and have their transformed.

What one thing has the Lord been teaching you about yourself and himself in recent times?

That I am not as capable as I think I am and he is far more capable than I ever imagined. 

Besides speaking and your seminar, what one thing about the Scottish Women’s Convention are you looking forward to and why?

Coming to Edinburgh!