Seminar – The joy set before us

On Monday’s we like to draw your attention to certain aspects of the Scottish Women’s Convention. For the next few weeks we’ll be telling you a bit more about the range of Seminars that are on offer.

Name – Agnes BroughIMG_1307

Lives – Glasgow

What is the title of your seminar at the Scottish Women’s Convention?

The Joy Set Before Us

What is the seminar about?

The seminar will help us to look forward to the new creation – filling our minds and hearts with the joy set before us to strengthen us to run the race before us. 

Who is the seminar for?

Everyone.  Really, everyone.  Young and old. 

Why is this area important?

I think we deprive ourselves of comfort and help when we avoid thinking about death and eternity.  Christians have nothing to fear and MUCH to look forward to – so let’s do our souls good and dig into the encouragement of Scripture and look up and look ahead.   

Besides your seminar, what one thing about the Scottish Women’s Convention are you looking forward to and why?

My prayer is that the day will fix our eyes on the Lord Jesus – and that we will all grow in our confidence that God speaks through what He has spoken. 

Thursday Spotlight

On Thursday’s we want to give you an insight into the lives of some of the women involved in the Scottish Women’s Convention.  Some of these women are involved in full time ministry in the local Church, while others balance serving in the church with a secular job.

We sent various people a questionnaire asking them to give us a taste of what they do, the challenges they face and what they are looking forward to about the Scottish Women’s Convention.

IMG_1307Meet Agnes Brough.  Agnes works at The Tron Church in Glasgow City Centre.  She is also the mastermind behind the Scottish Women’s Convention!

Prior to her current role Agnes studied law Cambridge and worked in the Lord Chancellor’s Department for 8 years.

What area of ministry do you work in?

A mixture – I work with children, teenagers and students and I run the church bookroom.

How did you come to work in this particular area of ministry?

How long have you got?  I always loved working with children and that grew into a desire to show them Jesus in the Scriptures.  And not a “children’s message” from a passage, but the real message of the passage, taught so that children could understand. 

Encouraged by my church in London, I trained to be a primary teacher and then at the Cornhill Training Course – before being offered a job in Glasgow (thanks to a little, innocent nepotism) teaching God’s Word to children, teenagers, students, office workers … a whole lot more than I had bargained for! 

Give one great challenge and one great joy of working in gospel ministry?

The greatest challenge is my own sinful nature and the greatest joy is to see a young person growing into adulthood and standing firm in the truth just as they’d been taught. 

What one thing has the Lord been teaching you about yourself and himself in recent times?

That He is good – much more willing to give me good gifts when I ask than I often give Him credit for – and that I should be less fearful about facing the to-do list!

What thing about the Scottish Women’s Convention are you looking forward to and why?

Lots.  Loo queue chat.  Meeting sisters in Christ from across Scotland.  Coffee queue chat. A big sing.  Bookstall queue chat. God’s Word doing God’s work in women’s hearts  – mine and yours.