Our venue

On Mondays we like to draw your attention to certain aspects of the Scottish Women’s Convention.  This week we are excited to introduce you to our venue.  This year the Scottish Women’s Bible Convention is happening at Charlotte Chapel on Shandwick Place, Edinburgh.  Check out their newly refurbished premises at this write up from the fiec – https://fiec.org.uk/news/article/a-2million-facelift.
This fabulous building is the venue for the Scottish Women’s Bible Convention on 8 October.  There are 600 seats and we would love to fill every one.  We’ve decided on a place for the 10ofthose bookstall, a room for nursing mums and we’re working out the best configuration for the coffee queues.  We’d love to see you there – at the Convention, not just in the queue!
Don’t forget to get your early bird tickets for £8 on Eventbrite.