2019…Here we go!

We are really excited to announce that tickets for the 2019 Scottish Women’s Bible Convention will be on sale from 1st June. You can purchase them from https://swbc2019.eventbrite.co.uk The early bird price of £8 is available until the end of July. Don’t miss out!

Our speaker this year is Lizzy Smallwood.  She will be teaching us from James.  We will be profiling her on the blog soon.  There will seminars on a variety topics which we will share information about in the upcoming months.

2 thoughts on “2019…Here we go!

  1. Jane Dale says:

    Hi , I was at the convention day yesterday which was excellent and wondering if the messages will be available to public ? I have a few friends I would love to share them with.


    • Rachel says:

      Hi Jane. Glad you enjoyed the convention. We will be hopefully putting up the talks and seminars on the blog. Hopefully in the next week or two.


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