Introducing our Speaker

On Thursdays we want to give you an insight into the lives of some of the women involved in the Scottish Women’s Bible Convention.  Some of these women are involved in full time ministry in the local Church, while others balance serving in the church with a secular job.

Meet Lizzy, our speaker…currently in Dagenham, Essex. Very soon – somewhere in Cornwall

Can you tell us a little about yourself including your family, what you do etc?
So, I have been married to Simon for 25 years. We have three children Sam [22], Ailie [pronounced Eilidh] [18] and Beatrice [9]. For 23 years we have been doing Gospel ministry in a Church on a housing estate on the outskirts of East London in Dagenham. But that is all about to change as Simon becomes the Pastor of a tiny Christian Community Church in Bodmin, Cornwall. At the moment I spend my time being a Vicar’s wife, mum, & part time teacher and Bible teacher at Women’s events.

What are some of the challenges and joys of being a Pastors wife and being involved in gospel ministry?
We try and run an open house policy so there is usually someone to feed or chat to in the kitchen. We usually have lodgers who come and live with us as part of the family and muck in at church. So life is always full of interesting people: Lots of laughing; Lots of mess; lots of heartbreak when people drift off, or give in again to that temptation or give up.
I think one of the challenges is seeing so little obvious fruit of the Spirit in some people’s lives when Simon faithfully teaches the bible week in and week out. One of the encouragements is when you see cart loads of fruit in others lives; those who listen, hear and visibly grow in their relationship with Christ are such a joy.

What one thing has the Lord been teaching you about yourself and himself in recent times?
The big lesson I am learning at the moment is to step out in faith and trust God with the big stuff. The new church we are going to has no house for the Pastor, no church building and only enough money to pay Simon for two years. So I am having to curb my natural tendency to tell God his business and trust that in some miraculous way, he is going to provide what we need [not necessarily what we want] to do this ministry in Bodmin. So watch this space. Hopefully by October I will be able to tell you what happened.

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