On arrival at the Scottish Women’s Bible Convention, everyone will need to sign up for their seminar. To avoid long queues, we’d encourage everyone to have decided beforehand what they’d like to sign up for. Below are the seminar description with links to the post from the seminar leader sharing more about the topic.

Karen Soole, from Lancaster, will be leading a seminar called Liberated: How the Bible exalts and dignifies women. Equality for all people is a foundational principle in our culture and embedded in our law. However religion is often blamed for promoted inequality especially towards women. What are we to do when the world says the Bible’s view of women is utterly abhorrent? What are we to make of passages that make us fear they might be right?

Amy Wicks, from Glasgow, will be leading a seminar called ‘What is church?’. It’s easy to think about church in terms of things that we do – church is where we hear from God’s
word, where we sing, where we do community. But what actually is the church? We’ll be looking
at what God says about the church, and how that shapes our relationship with church and the
people in it.

Carrie Sandom, from Tunbridge Wells will be leading a seminar called God’s sovereignty when hard times strike. Life often takes an unexpected turn – redundancy, financial difficulties, health crises, broken relationships and sudden bereavement – but does that mean God is no longer in control or that He no longer loves us? Is He punishing us for something we did in the past? These are questions that often come into our minds, whether we’re the ones going through a hard time or seeking to help others who are. How does God’s word help us to understand these trials and what comfort is there for those who are struggling?

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