SWBC is for you!

Wondering whether you should go to the Scottish Women’s Bible Convention and why you should be excited about “another Christian conference”?  To help we asked different people why SWBC is for all women and is something we should all be excited by.  These people have either already booked their tickets, are involved in planning or are enthusiastically advertising at their churches.

unnamedThis week we asked Jon Gemmell, minister at Bruntsfield Evangelical in Edinburgh, why he is encouraging the women in his church to go and is volunteering his help behind the scenes.

Jon writes, “I am so excited about the inaugural Scottish Women’s Bible Convention. Women gathering around God’s Word and seeking the Lord together is always a thrilling and fruitful endeavour and one hopefully modelled and catalysed at this Convention. Women’s ministry is under-resourced across Scotland as a whole. I am praying that this convention can go some way to addressing this urgent need, spurring the church to take seriously its responsibility to serve, nurture, grow and unleash women to be confident, dynamic and dangerous for the gospel.”

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