Seminar – Ordinary fuel for running the race

On Monday’s we like to draw your attention to certain aspects of the Scottish Women’s Convention. For the next few weeks we’ll be telling you a bit more about the range of Seminars that are on offer.


Lives – Sileby – a large village situated in the Soar Valley between Leicester and Loughborough

What is the title of your seminar at the Scottish Women’s Convention?

The working title is “”Ordinary fuel for running the race” though I have been pondering “Ready Brek for the soul” – probably breach of copyright there! Perhaps “Porridge for persevering pilgrims?”

What is the seminar about?

The seminar is about how we keep going as Christians, how we keep running the race – what has God provided for us that we need to take hold of? We will discover how God’s word, His fatherly goodness to us and our communion with him in prayer, our brothers and sisters in Christ and our fellowship with them and giving and receiving in service and day dreaming about heaven will keep us running the race til the end.

Who is the seminar for?

For any one who has ever felt like giving up on the Christian life– whether due to failure, fatigue, faithlessness and anyone who is running well at the moment but is conscious that none of us are promised that following Jesus will be easy.

Why is this area important?

The longer I have been a follower of Jesus, the more I see that it is the ordinary life, the day to day keeping on that is often the silent killer of faith. Crisis of faith, tragedy – they make us more aware of the testing times, but in the day to day slog we become complacent. Yet this is where the battle is fought too. And sometimes we have been guilty of giving the pat answer “Just read your Bible, pray and go to church.” Which I endorse entirely – but I want to remind people why God has given us these gifts for our perseverance and why we should keep coming back to them with renewed joy and delight.

Besides your seminar, what one thing about the Scottish Women’s Convention are you looking forward to and why?

Being back in the homeland, catching up with dear friends who I don’t see often and being encouraged by their perseverance. I have been involved with the Midlands Women’s conventions over the last couple of years and I am keen to encourage this convention in Scotland, knowing how helpful it has been to women in the Midlands. And maybe having chance to enjoy a sneaky white pudding supper while I’m there!

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