On arrival at the Scottish Women’s Bible Convention everyone will need to sign up for their seminar.  To avoid long queues, we’d encourage everyone to have decided beforehand what they’d like to sign up for.  Below are the seminar description with links to the post from the seminar leader sharing more about the topic.
Morning seminars
This seminar will look at how to endure when life and ministry sucks.
How to use the means God has given to keep us going in the Christian life.
The joy set before us – Agnes Brough
A good look forward to the New Creation – to encourage us to run the race to the end.
Afternoon seminars
How to read, understand and apply the Old Testament today.
Being godly online – Rachel Sloan
Help to think through what can be embraced and what should be rejected in digital technology.
Keeping going in evangelism – Katie Piggot and Karen Clark
Lots of help and motivation to keep sharing the good news of Christ with others.
Tickets for £10 can be bought from –

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