SWBC is for you!

Wondering whether you should go to the Scottish Women’s Bible Convention and why you should be excited about “another Christian conference”?  To help we asked different people why they benefitted from last years convention, why they’ll be coming again and encouraging others to buy tickets.

Caroline Dodds from Glasgow (for TWO MORE WEEKS!!) came last year and answered some questions for us.

What were your highlights from the 2016 Scottish Women’s Bible Convention?

The convention helped to lift my eyes above the newborn-twin-chaos which I was inhabiting! I was feeling completely overwhelmed, exhausted, and unsure of what use I would be in the kingdom of God as a burnt-out milk machine. Being taught from the Bible about God’s purposes, and hearing the encouragement to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus, was a lifesaver. Meeting with other women who were facing similar challenges, or were a little further along the road than I am, made a huge difference during a very difficult time. The twins seemed to enjoy bits of it too (particularly the nursing mums room) and screamed through other bits (thanks to everyone who helped!).

Why would you encourage someone to go this year?

The Bible teaching is top notch, the singing is super-encouraging, and the seminars cover lots of aspects of the Christian life which will help you to worship Jesus in everything you do.

What one thing about the 2017 Scottish Women’s Bible Convention are you looking forward to and why?

Seeing other sisters from all over Scotland who love the Lord and want to make him known in their spheres of influence, because that always inspires me to do the same!



Tickets can be purchased for £10 from Eventbrite here –Tickets