Seminar – How to grow in godliness (update)

One of our seminars has changed speaker. Below Karen Clark, from Edinburgh, updates us on what this seminar on ‘How to grow in godliness’ will cover.

What is the seminar about?
Growing in godliness is what are supposed to do once we are saved but it’s not always easy!! Why should this be our life’s goal? How do we do it? And how do we not get discouraged and give up when it gets tough!

Who is the seminar for?

Why is this area important?
I think as Christians we can get apathetic or discouraged in our striving to be like Christ.  We know we are saved and will one day be like him, but the process of being transformed into his likeness is a daily struggle. We are going to look at how our motivations, desires and our battle with sin can help us pursue the godly life God wants us to live while still here on earth.

Besides your seminar, what one thing about the Scottish Women’s Convention are you looking forward to and why?
Romans 8 is a favourite passage of mine and there will be so much to learn from Amy as she teaches and from one another as we try to apply help each other apply God’s word to our lives. Also love meeting sisters in Christ from churches around the country.

Tickets can be purchased from Eventbrite here –Tickets

3 thoughts on “Seminar – How to grow in godliness (update)

  1. debz70 says:


    I will be coming along to the Bible Convention on 6th October.

    What time does the event start? Do I have to be there at 9 or is it anytime between 9 and 10?

    How easy is the church to find walking from Haymarket? If driving does the church have its own carpark or is it street parking with meters?

    Is lunch provided or should I bring a packed lunch?

    Thank you.


    • Rachel says:

      Doors open at 9am and the first session is at 10am so come anytime between 9 & 10am. You’ll choose seminars on arrival so I wouldn’t leave it too late if you have particular choices.
      The church is about 10mins walk from Haymarket and it would be much easier to get the train than drive. It is all on street parking around the church which you have to pay for.
      Bring a packed lunch. Tea and coffee is provided at the breaks but not lunch.


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