On arrival at the Scottish Women’s Bible Convention everyone will need to sign up for their seminar. To avoid long queues, we’d encourage everyone to have decided beforehand what they’d like to sign up for. Below are the seminar description with links to the post from the seminar leader sharing more about the topic.

Afternoon seminars

An Open Door – Maud Kells and Jean Gibson

Maud Kells will be speaking about her experiences of working with WEC in D.R. Congo over a period of 50 years. Jean Gibson will also be speaking about her call as a writer, and giving some background on her biography of Maud, ‘An Open Door’, the remarkable story of an ordinary woman who decided to walk through the door God opened for her, whatever the cost.

A Way with Words – Shona Hannant

This seminar will look at speech and how our words can do great good or cause great harm. Most of us know the awful shame of having spoken badly, but the gospel brings hope and transformation. This is an opportunity to think more about how we can honour the Lord Jesus through our speech.

Money, money, money – Caz Dodds

We give it, spend it, invest it, save it, work for it, and raise it. Jesus spoke about it more than almost any other subject and yet we seldom give thought to how being a Christian impacts our view of money. In this seminar we’ll consider what scripture says about money and our hearts.

20,000 words a day – what are you saying? – Laura Porteous (For teenage girls)

This seminar is about all those moments when you think to yourself, ‘I shouldn’t have said that!’ or, ‘Why didn’t I say that?’ We’ll have an honest look at our bad speech habits and let the bible shine a light on how our words really do make a world of difference.