SWBC is for you!

Wondering whether you should go to the Scottish Women’s Bible Convention and why you should be excited about “another Christian conference”?  To help we asked different people why SWBC is for all women and is something we should all be excited by.  These people have either already booked their tickets, are involved in planning or are enthusiastically advertising at their churches.

This week we asked Alan McKnight, minister at Harper Church in Glasgow and part of the West of Scotland Gospel Partnership Steering Group, why he is encouraging the women in his church to go.

Alan writes,”When God’s word is faithfully taught his voice is heard and lives are changed. That’s why I’m so encouraged by the work of the Scottish Women’s Bible Convention because it is all about God’s Word and it provides a model for women opening up God’s word with other women.

We are encouraging all of our Harper women to go along and enjoy a feast of good teaching together with a varied range of seminars that will help with living the Christian life in the world as it is today. We see the Scottish Women’s Bible Convention as a model that our women can learn from and that it will enrich women’s ministry in the local church as well as building friendships across the various congregations supporting the event.”