Missed the convention? Catch up here!

If you missed this years Scottish Women’s Bible Convention or just want to re-listen to Clare Heath-Whyte’s talks, you now can.  The links are all below.

Clare’s first talk was on Luke 6:46-7:23 and can be found here – Session 1  The second session was on Luke 7:24-50 and can be found here – Session 2.

Seminar Resources

We know some of you wanted to attend more than two of the seminars, so here are some of the resources the seminar leaders used or recommended.  Unfortunately we were unable to record the majority of the seminars.

If you have any feedback on the convention or any questions regarding the teaching do get in touch at scottishwomensbibleconvention@gmail.com

Finally, next years convention already has a date – 6th Oct 2018 – do get it in the diary now!!  We will be back at Charlotte Chapel and our speaker will be Amy Wicks.  Looking forward to having you all with us next year.

SWBC is for you!

Wondering whether you should go to the Scottish Women’s Bible Convention and why you should be excited about “another Christian conference”?  To help we asked different people why they benefitted from last years convention and encouraging others to buy tickets.

Ann Lyon from the Scottish Borders came last year and answered some questions for us.

What were your highlights from the 2016 Scottish Women’s Bible Convention?
I liked the variety of both speakers and subjects and it was great to have the opportunity to choose from a list talks/workshops. Also meeting friendly women from all over Scotland. I went to workshops on my own and instantly felt that I was among friends!

Why would you encourage someone to go this year?
I really enjoyed it last year and I think it would appeal to women in my church and bible study group. What struck me was the great teaching and guidance given, I really felt I was learning.

What one thing about the 2017 Scottish Women’s Bible Convention are you looking forward to and why?
I liked the format last year and hoping it will be similar.

Tickets can be purchased for £10 from Eventbrite here –Tickets

Seminar – How to Study the Gospels

On Mondays we like to draw your attention to certain aspects of the Scottish Women’s Convention. For the next few weeks we’ll be telling you a bit more about the range of Seminars that are on offer.

Jody MacIver, from St Andrews will be leading a seminar on How to Study the Gospels.

What is the seminar about?
This seminar will aim to give us the tools to be able to understand and apply the gospels – particularly the trickier narrative bits.

Who is the seminar for?
Anyone at all! While the gospels are probably the bit of the bible we’re most familiar with, it can be difficult to see how we can apply the narrative sections. We can enjoy reading the stories but struggle to see how they should have an impact on our relationship with Christ or other parts of our lives. So this is for anyone who would like to be able to read the bible for themselves more effectively – not just those who are in teaching roles.

Why is this area important?
If we believe that ‘All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness’, then it’s vital to equip ourselves to understand the bible as best we can. In the gospels we get an up-close and personal look at Jesus – how he lived as well as what he taught – and every bit of it is essential for our walk with him. The more confidence we have in understanding the gospel accounts the better equipped we are to know Jesus and enjoy life to the full in him, and the more equipped we’ll be to share the good news of what he did with others, too.

Besides your seminar, what one thing about the Scottish Women’s Convention are you looking forward to and why?
I attended the conference last year, and as well as getting lots out of the teaching, I loved catching up with and meeting women from different parts of Scotland. I’m looking forward to getting to do that again!

Tickets can be purchased for £10 from Eventbrite here –Tickets 

SWBC is for you!

Wondering whether you should go to the Scottish Women’s Bible Convention and why you should be excited about “another Christian conference”?  To help we asked different people why SWBC is for all women and is something we should all be excited by.  These people have either already booked their tickets, are involved in planning or are enthusiastically advertising at their churches.

This week we asked Alan McKnight, minister at Harper Church in Glasgow and part of the West of Scotland Gospel Partnership Steering Group, why he is encouraging the women in his church to go.

Alan writes,”When God’s word is faithfully taught his voice is heard and lives are changed. That’s why I’m so encouraged by the work of the Scottish Women’s Bible Convention because it is all about God’s Word and it provides a model for women opening up God’s word with other women.

We are encouraging all of our Harper women to go along and enjoy a feast of good teaching together with a varied range of seminars that will help with living the Christian life in the world as it is today. We see the Scottish Women’s Bible Convention as a model that our women can learn from and that it will enrich women’s ministry in the local church as well as building friendships across the various congregations supporting the event.”

Speaker – Luke 7

On Mondays we like to draw your attention to certain aspects of the Scottish Women’s Convention. We asked our speaker Clare Heath-Whyte to share more about what she will be speaking on.  Clare will also be running a seminar “Women of faith – hidden heroines of the Reformation”.

What are you speaking about at the Scottish Women’s Convention and why?Flier final

I am speaking on “Faith” from Luke 7. Faith is central to the Christian life, but there is so much confusion about what it actually is. Seeing Jesus meeting various people in this chapter helps us to understand what faith is (and is not) and what a faith filled life looks like in practice.

What is the title of your seminar at the Scottish Women’s Convention? What is it about?

Women of faith – Hidden heroines of the Reformation.

2017 is the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation – when the wonderful truth of Justification by faith alone was rediscovered by Martin Luther. The names of some of the male reformers are well known – but the role of women was vital too. We will be looking at the fascinating lives of a couple of these women to see how justification by faith alone and the doctrine of scripture alone transformed their lives – and how they influenced the world around them.

Why is this seminar topic important?

Seeing how women in the past, with far fewer advantages and opportunities than we have, served Christ in their lives can challenge and encourage us today. Will we, like them, allow ourselves to be transformed by scripture rather than being conformed to the world?