Seminar – How to Study the Gospels

On Mondays we like to draw your attention to certain aspects of the Scottish Women’s Convention. For the next few weeks we’ll be telling you a bit more about the range of Seminars that are on offer.

Jody MacIver, from St Andrews will be leading a seminar on How to Study the Gospels.

What is the seminar about?
This seminar will aim to give us the tools to be able to understand and apply the gospels – particularly the trickier narrative bits.

Who is the seminar for?
Anyone at all! While the gospels are probably the bit of the bible we’re most familiar with, it can be difficult to see how we can apply the narrative sections. We can enjoy reading the stories but struggle to see how they should have an impact on our relationship with Christ or other parts of our lives. So this is for anyone who would like to be able to read the bible for themselves more effectively – not just those who are in teaching roles.

Why is this area important?
If we believe that ‘All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness’, then it’s vital to equip ourselves to understand the bible as best we can. In the gospels we get an up-close and personal look at Jesus – how he lived as well as what he taught – and every bit of it is essential for our walk with him. The more confidence we have in understanding the gospel accounts the better equipped we are to know Jesus and enjoy life to the full in him, and the more equipped we’ll be to share the good news of what he did with others, too.

Besides your seminar, what one thing about the Scottish Women’s Convention are you looking forward to and why?
I attended the conference last year, and as well as getting lots out of the teaching, I loved catching up with and meeting women from different parts of Scotland. I’m looking forward to getting to do that again!

Tickets can be purchased for £10 from Eventbrite here –Tickets 

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